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Thanks for all the support. This new website should make it easier for you to order prints DIRECTLY from the website. As usual, it will take me MANY hours to get events posted after each event. Before we know it, these "kids" will be grown up and these memories should bring you all much happiness.

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Published: many magazines, newspapers, Hawaii TV -
Numerous Awards
Voted Best Photographer 2009, 2010 2011 AND 2013 by North Hawaii News

. I first began my photography career in 1964 (some 48 years ago) shooting the "new wave of surfing" spreading from California, to the Gulf Coast of Texas. I earned part of my college funding teaching darkroom technique to students at the U. of Houston in it's student crafts facility. I was privileged to study photography at the prestigeous Rice University Media Center where I learned professional photography and continued my studies at Palomar college in San Diego County when I moved there in 1971. I moved to Hawaii in 1980 (where all my negatives were lost in the move) and I became a goldsmith, finding that new medium more "financially satisfying" and profitable. The digital revolution woke up my slumbering photographic inclinations when I realized a "darkroom" meant sitting at a computer and it was a very natural transition. All of the principals learned long ago still pertained and I quickly mastered the new "media". I attend many digital photo seminars to keep abreast of the latest innovations and have become very proficient at the software as well as the shooting part of the art. I believe in continuing education and have also taught photo classes at Parker School in Waimea. Today I am both a professional goldsmith AND photographer working nearly every day of the week.
. I've been hired to shoot the National H.S. Rodeo Finals for Jennings Photography for the last 2 years and shot with the pros at Cheyenne Frontier Days 113th and 114th annual rodeo. I also am on the official photo team that covers our own Ironman World Championships in Kona. While sports is my main photographic subject, I am often featured on Hawaii News Now (KGMB) as one of their "storm patrollers" for my landscapes featuring mostly weather related events. I surely could have chosen more lucrative careers, but photography is the most satisfying and at nearly 64, I am still as passionate about it as I was when I was 20. It keeps me young.

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